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Privacy Notice of Exambible

At Exambible we value our customers and respect your privacy. Welcome to the privacy center of Exambible . Here shows you how Exambible collects and stores your private information. By this notice, we make a commitment that we’ll protect your privacy. In the following parts, we will show you how your data is collected and used.

User names and Passwords

ou are required to fill in your useremail and password when you register Exambible. The only one thing that matters when you log in is your password. Your registered Email is your useremail when your log in, so use the Email address which is effective and we can keep in touch with you.

Use of Information

Exambible collects client’s information to offer better focused services. After you being a member of Exambible, we’ll offer you the following service by checking your registered information: .

  1. Enjoy Exambible’s membership price.
  2. Receive the information of sales promotion of Exambible periodically.
  3. Request assistance from our "LiveChat!"

Proclaim and Share the Information

Exambible will never give, sell, rent or share the business users’ personal information with the third party with following circumstances are exceptions: .

  1. • The third party, the surrogate of Exambible and Exambible offer service and website together. (After the service, the third party is forbidden to read all the data which is available before the service included.)
  2. • When we’re forced to offer your information by law and the government.


We trace the IP just for the consideration of safety and we can learn about the installations of our products. The software products of Exambible can only be installed in two different machines. If the active IP of users change frequently, we’ll contact the clients and take measures to prevent the products from being abused.

Contact Exambible

If you would like to contact us for any reason regarding our privacy practices, please write us with tickets.