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About Exambible

Established in 1998

Exambible is a company specialized on providing high quality IT exam practice study materials. We guarantee that the candidates will not only pass any IT exam at the first attempt but also get profound understanding about the certificates they have got.

We at Exambible Guarantee that the candidates will not only pass their exams but also get a profound understanding of the respective subject. There are so many companies in Certification Industry but Exambible is unique in itself.

There are so many alike companies in this industry, however, Exambible has its unique advantages that other companies could not achieve:

Many other companies

mostly offer exams with cheap prices and much more questions and answers, with which you have to study really hard for a long time working so many questions and answers. And they still can’t promise that you will pass exams with their products.


offers practice exams with less valuable questions and answers. And we promise that all of the questions and answers in our exams are chosen after the analysis of professional engineers, and thus are highly valued and specially prepared for candidates. By understanding and mastering the Q&As we provide, users will pass exams at the first attempt and get high scores.

Let's take CCNA product for example, some companies offer more than 1000 questions while we supply only around 400 questions, because other companies never delete the old questions which will not be used any more, and which will waste your time. And we know that time is really valuable for candidates. So Exambible products are frequently updated, deleting old and unused questions and adding new ones. This is to make sure that you can master quickly and pass fast, never try again and again to waste time and money.

With the above advantages and disadvantages, candidates will make their own choices.