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HUAWEI Exam Questions

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Exam Code Exam Description Action
H11-811 HCNA-UC (Unified Communication)
H11-828 Huawei Certified Network Professional– Unified Communication (HCNP-UC)
H11-851 HCNA-VC (Huawei Certified Network Associate - Video Conference)
H11-851_V3.0 HCIA-Video Conference V3.0
H11-861 HCNP-VC (Huawei Certified Network Professional- Video Conference)
H11-861_V2.0 HCIP-Video Conference V2.0
H11-879 HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written)
H11-879_V1.0 HCIE-Enterprise Communication (Written) V1.0
H12-111_V2.5 HCIA-IoT V2.5 Exam
H12-211 Huawei Certified Datacom Associate-Huawei Networking Technology and Device (HCDA-HNTD)
H12-221 HCNP-R&S-IERN (Huawei Certified Network Professional-Implementing Enterprise Routing Network)
H12-221_V2.5 HCIP-Routing & Switching-IERS V2.5
H12-222 HCNP-R&S-IESN (Implementing Enterprise Switching Network)
H12-222_V2.5 HCIP-Routing & Switching-IENP V2.5
H12-223 HCNP-R&S-IENP (Improving Enterprise Network Performance)
H12-223_V2.5 HCIP-Routing & Switching-IEEP V2.5
H12-224 Huawei Certified Datacom Professional - Fast Certification – ENU
H12-261 HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written)
H12-261_V3.0 HCIE-Routing & Switching (Written) V3.0
H12-311 HCNA-WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network
H12-311_V3.0 HCIA-WLAN V3.0
H12-321 Huawei Certified Network Professional - Wireless Local Area Network- Constructing Enterprise WLAN Architecture
H12-321_V1.0 HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0
H12-322 Huawei Certified ICT Professional - Wireless Local Area Network- Planning and Optimizing Enterprise WLAN
H12-322_V1.0 HCIP-WLAN-POEW V1.0
H12-351_V1.0 HCIE-WLAN (Written) V1.0
H12-411 Huawei Certified ICT Associate - Data Center Facility
H12-425 Huawei Certified ICT Professional - Data Center Facility - Build Facility Deployment Optimization
H12-511_V1.0 HCIA-Intelligent Vision V1.0
H12-521_V1.0 HCIP-Intelligent Vision V1.0
H12-711 HCNA-Security - CBSN (Constructing Basic Security Network)
H12-721 HCNP-Security-CISN (Huawei Certified Network Professional - Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network)
H12-721_V3.0 HCIP-Security-CISN V3.0
H12-722_V3.0 HCIP-Security-CSSN V3.0
H12-723_V3.0 HCIP-Security-CTSS V3.0
H12-841_V1.0 HCIP-Datacom-Campus Network Planning and Deployment V1.0
H12-851_V1.0 HCIP-Datacom-Enterprise Network Solution Design V1.0
H12-861_V1.0 HCIP-Datacom-WAN Planning and Deployment V1.0
H12-871_V1.0 HCIP-Datacom-SD-WAN Planning and Deployment V1.0
H12-891_V1.0 HCIE-Datacom V1.0
H12-931_V1.0 HCIE-Transmission (Written) V1.0
H13-121_V1.0 HCIP-Kunpeng Application Developer V1.0
H13-211 HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0
H13-211_V1.0 HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0
H13-221_V1.0 HCIP-Intelligent Computing V1.0
H13-231_V1.0 HCIE-Intelligent Computing (Written) V1.0
H13-321 HCNP-AI EI Developer(Huawei Certified Network Professional - Artificial Intelligence EI Developer)
H13-321_V2.0 HCIP-AI-EI Developer V2.0
H13-324_V1.0 HCIP-AI-Ascend Developer V1.0
H13-331_V1.0 HCIP-AI-MindSpore Developer V1.0
H13-431_V2.0 HCIE-Data Center (Written) V2.0
H13-511_V4.0 HCIA-Cloud Computing V4.0
H13-522 Huawei Certified Network Professional-Cloud Resource Pool Management (HCNP-Cloud-CRPM)
H13-523 Huawei Certified ICT Professional-Cloud Desktop Solution Management
H13-527 HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0
H13-527_V4.0 HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0
H13-531 HCIE - Cloud (Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Cloud)
H13-531_V2.0 HCIE-Cloud Computing (Written) V2.0
H13-611 HCNA-Storage-BSSN(Building the Structure of Storage Network)
H13-621 HCNP-Storage-CUSN(Constructing Unifying Storage Network)
H13-622 HCNP-Storage-CBDS (Huawei Certified Network Professional - Constructing Big Data Solution)
H13-629 HCIE-Storage (Written) (Internetwork Expert-Storage)
H13-629_V2.0 HCIE-Storage (Written) V2.0
H13-629_V2.5 HCIE-Storage V2.5
H13-711 HCNA - Big Data
H13-811 HCIA - Cloud Service
H13-811_V2.2 HCIA-Cloud Service V2.2
H13-811_V3.0 HCIA-Cloud Service V3.0
H13-821 HCNP Cloud Service Architect
H13-831_V1.0 HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect (Written) V1.0
H13-921_V1.5 HCIP-GaussDB-OLTP V1.5
H13-922 HCIP-GaussDB-OLAP V1.0
H14-211_V1.0 HCIA-HarmonyOS Application Developer V1.0
H14-221_V1.0 HCIA-HarmonyOS Device Developer V1.0
H14-311_V1.0 HCIA-openGauss V1.0
H14-611_V1.0 HCIA-MDC Application Developer V1.0
H19-101 Huawei Certified Sales Associate-IP Network (HCSA-IP Network)
H19-301 Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist - IP Network (Datacom)
H19-307 Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist - Server
H19-308 Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist - Storage
H19-309 Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist - Cloud
H19-311 Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Specialist - UPS
H19-316 Huawei Certified Pre - sales Associate - ECC
H19-319 HCPA-Intelligent Collaboration
H19-322 HCS - Pre-Sales - Service Solution (overseas)
H19-330 HCPP-IP Network Exam
H19-336 HCPP-Digital Power
H19-338 HCPP-Storage
H19-365_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-Bidding V1.0
H19-366 HCS-Pre-sales IP
H19-366_V1.0 HCS-Pre-Sale-IP V1.0
H19-367_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-IP(WLAN) V1.0
H19-368 HCS-Pre-sales IP-Transmission & Access
H19-368_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-Transmission & Access V1.0
H19-369 HCS-Pre-sales IP-IT
H19-369_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-IT V1.0
H19-370_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-EC V1.0
H19-371_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-Digital Power V1.0
H19-374 HCS-Pre-sales IP-IVS
H19-374_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-IVS V1.0
H19-375_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-IP(DCN) V1.0
H19-376 HCS-Pre-sales-IP(Security)
H19-376_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-IP(Security) V1.0
H19-382_V1.0 HCS-Pre-sales-IP(Campus) V1.0
H20-682 HCSA-Field-Smart PV
H20-683_V1.0 HCSP-Field-Smart PV V1.0
H20-871 Huawei Certified Field Specialist - IVS
H21-300 HCSE-Presales-Intelligent Campus
H31-124_V2.0 HCIP-Carrier IP V2.0
H31-161 HCIE-Carrier IP (Written)
H31-211 Huawei Certified Network Associate - HCDA (Carrier IP)
H31-311 HCNA-Transmission
H31-311_V2.5 HCIA-Transmission V2.5
H31-341 HCIP-Transmission V2.0
H31-341_V2.5 HCIP-Transmission V2.5
H31-511 Huawei Certified Network Associate - Cloud Solutions Architect
H31-515_V2.0 HCSP-Cloud Migration V2.0
H31-516 HCSE-Cloud Solutions Architect (Written) V1.0
H31-522 HCNP - Cloud Data Center Operation
H31-523 HCIE - Cloud Data Center Operations (Written)
H31-610 HCSA-Development-Low Code @GDE V1.0
H31-611 HCIA-SDN V1.0
H35-210 HCIA-Access V2.0
H35-210_V2.5 HCIA-Access V2.5 Exam
H35-211 HCIP-Access V2.0
H35-211_V2.5 HCIP-Access V2.5
H35-480_V3.0 HCIA-5G-RAN V3.0
H35-481_V2.0 HCIP-5G-RAN V2.0
H35-580_V2.0 HCIA-5G-RNP&RNO V2.0
H35-581_V2.0 HCIP-5G-RNP&RNO V2.0
H35-660 HCIA-5G V1.0
H35-660_V2.0 HCIA-5G V2.0 Exam
H35-662 HCSP-Solution-5GtoB Service V1.0
H35-663 HCSP-Field-5GtoB Service Planning and Design V1.0
H35-821 HCIP-Datacom-Carrier IP Core Technology V1.0
H35-822 HCIP-Datacom-Carrier IP Bearer V1.0
H35-911 HCS - Microwave Hardware Installation (written)
H35-920 HCDA - OWS Developer
H52-111_V2.5 HCIP-IoT Developer V2.5