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You will find the latest key points in our CompTIA training materials and the most up-to-date sample questions in the dumps. Unlike other provider of the CompTIA exam preparatory materials, we aim at helping you pass the exam and making you a keen and sophisticated worker in daily time. We have a 100% guarantee for our customers that our CompTIA exam demos will equip you with valued knowledge and skills which will make your job easier. The CompTIA exam prep package can help you master the necessary concepts for the real examination. It also accelerates the the pace of preparation so that save your time and energy. Whether you'd like to be an expert in networking, programming and so on, we will assist you in obtaining success.

The CompTIA certification exams are designed and verified by our certified IT experts who are famous for compiling the superb and comprehensive practice materials. They know what are key and necessary to prepare for the real test. They know what you need to bear in mind to prepare for the CompTIA exam. Our experts not only guide you how to answer the basic problems but also teach you how to tackle the unexpected difficulties.

CompTIA exams

Exam Code Exam Description Action
220-221 A+ Core Hardware
220-222 A+ Operating System Technologies
220-301 A+ CORE HARDWARE(2003 Objectives)
220-302 A+ OS TECHNOLOGY(2003 Objectives)
220-303 A+ Core Hardware Exam -Arabic or Greak only
220-304 A+ Core OS Technologies Exam - Arabic or Greak only
220-601 CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam
220-602 CompTIA 220-602 Exam (IT Technician designation pathway)
220-603 CompTIA A+ 220-603 (Remote Support Tech designation pathway)
220-604 CompTIA A+ 220-604 Exam (Depot Tech designation pathway)
220-611 CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam - Arabic only
220-612 CompTIA A+ 220-602(IT Technician)Exam - Arabic only
220-701 CompTIA A+ Essentials
220-702 CompTIA A+ Practical Application
220-801 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam
220-802 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam (220-802)
225-030 CDIA+ Certification Exam
ADR-001 CompTIA Mobile App Security+ Certification Exam (Android
AOD-001 Accenture Intelligent Digital Platform (AIDP) Certification Exam
BR0-001 CompTIA Bridge Exam - Security+
BR0-002 CompTIA Network + Bridge Exam
BR0-003 CompTIA A+ Bridge (2009 Edition) Exam
CA1-001 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Beta Exam
CAS-001 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
CD0-001 CDIA+ Certification Exam
CLO-001 CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam
CN0-201 CompTIA CTP+ Certification Exam
CT0-101 Convergence+ Certification Exam
CV0-001 CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam
EK0-001 E-Biz+
EK0-002 e-BIZ+ Certification Exam
FC0-101 CompTIA PC Hardware Technology Engineer
FC0-201 CompTIA PC Operating System Engineer
FC0-GR1 CompTIA Strata Green IT Exam
FC0-TS1 CompTIA Strata IT for Sales Exam
FC0-U11 CompTIA Strata Fundamentals PC Functionality Test
FC0-U21 CompTIA Strata Fundamentals PC Technology Test
FC0-U41 CompTIA Strata IT Technology Exam
FC0-U51 CompTIA IT Fundamentals
HIT-001 CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam
HT0-201 CEA-CompTIA DHTI+ Exam
iCLO-001 Invitation Only - CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam
iFC0-U41 Invitation Only - CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Exam
ISS-001 Intel® Server Specialist Certification Exam
JK0-009 CompTIA Server+ E2C
JK0-010 E2C/Jobs+ Security+ Certification
JK0-011 E2C/Jobs+ Linux+ Certification
JK0-012 CompTIA Network+
JK0-013 Comtpia Project+
JK0-014 E2C/Jobs+ RFID+ Certification Exam
JK0-015 CompTIA E2C Security+ (2008 Edition) Exam
JK0-016 CompTIA Network+(2009 Edition) Exam
JK0-017 CompTIA E2C Project+ Certification Exam
JK0-018 CompTIA Security+ E2C (2011 Edition)
JK0-019 CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam (JK0-019)
JK0-022 CompTIA Academic/E2C Security+ Certification Exam Voucher Only
JK0-023 CompTIA Network+ certification
JK0-601 CompTIA E2C A+ Essentials (2007 Edition) Exam
JK0-602 CompTIA A+ 220-602 (2007 Edition) Certification Exam, IT Technician Designation
JK0-603 CompTIA E2C JK0-603 Exam (Remote Support Technician designation pathway)
JK0-604 CompTIA E2C JK0-604 Exam (Depot Technician designation pathway)
JK0-701 CompTIA E2C A+ Essentials (2009 Edition) Exam
JK0-702 CompTIA E2C A+ Practical Application (2009 Edition) Exam
JK0-801 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam (JK0-801)
JK0-802 CompTIA A+ Certification Exam (JK0-802)
JK0-U11 CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Functionality Exam
JK0-U21 CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Technology Exam
JK0-U31 CompTIA E2C Strata IT Technology Exam
LX0-101 CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 1
LX0-102 CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 2
LX0-103 CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] 1
LX0-104 CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] - Exam 2
MB0-001 CompTIA Mobility+
n10-003 Network+ Certification Exam
N10-004 CompTIA Network+ (2009 Edition)
N10-005 CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam
N10-006 CompTIA Network+
PD0-001 CompTIA PDI+ Exam
PD1-001 CompTIA PDI+ Beta Exam
pk0-002 IT Project+ Certification Exam(2003 Objectives)
PK0-003 CompTIA Project+ (2009)
PK1-003 CompTIA Project+ Certification (BETA Exam)
RF0-001 RFID+ Certification Exam
SG0-001 CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA
SG1-001 CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA Beta Exam
SGO-001 CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA
sk0-002 SERVER+ EXAM 2004 Objectives
SK0-003 CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam
SK0-004 CompTIA Server+
SY0-201 CompTIA Security+(2008 Edition) Exam
SY0-301 Security+ Certification Exam 2011 version
SY0-401 CompTIA Security+ Certification
TK0-201 CTT+ Exam (Certified Technical Trainer)
TK0-202 CompTIA CTT+ Classroom Trainer
TK0-203 CompTIA CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer
TK0-250 CompTIA Instructor+ Exam
xk0-001 LINUX+ CERTIFICATION EXAM(2001 Objectives)
xk0-002 Linux+ Certification Exam(2004 Objectives)
zCM1-TTS Invitation Only - Tesco Tech Support Certification Specialist Exam
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